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Downtown Dayton Parking Revitalization!

If you haven’t see it already, take a trip to the corner of 5th and St. Clair in downtown Dayton. What was once a dimly lit, somewhat intimidating parking garage is now a bright and welcoming area for any visitor.

The Transportation Center Garage is a cornerstone of Downtown Dayton and currently serves The Neon movie theater, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dayton Convention Center, and other surrounding venues. With a focus for the City of Dayton on better serving these areas and making the garage more accessible for the ever-busy Oregon District, a bit of a face-lift was in order.

Included in the ongoing improvements are a number of wayfinding and façade upgrades around the garage. New murals, better signage, and flat-rate parking are all in the works to make the site more appealing. To cap this work off, a safer and more hospitable atmosphere was needed and lighting was the answer. Though this is only phase one of the work (more to come this spring), the results are already staggering. The mural across from The Neon is brightly lit, the once dim sidewalks feel safe for all, and the “scary” garage is now equally bright, day or night.

At Entriq Solutions, we are so proud of the results and our ability to help make the community safer. We hope to see lasting benefits for the area and continue to enjoy the great reception this project has already seen!


The Neon Movie Theater

“We are extremely pleased with the new lighting in our 5th Street Parking Lot. The project went very smoothly, the installation was seamless, and the results are spectacular. I know our customers will feel much more at ease coming from and going to the lot after dark. Thanks for your dedication and expertise in creating a safer environment for our customer experience.”

CityWide Development

“Great job – we finally have a safe parking lot!”

The City of Dayton

“The change that we’ve seen is truly phenomenal. The dark, dim garage is now bright and welcoming with a cleaner and more modern look… we couldn’t be happier!”

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