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Brigid's Path Saves Big With Energy Efficient Building Design

Brigid’s Path of Dayton, Ohio, is a nonprofit that provides short-term inpatient care for newborns suffering from prenatal drug exposure. Their mission is to provide non-judgmental, compassionate recovery for all patients while reducing Ohio’s financial burden by operating at a fraction of hospital costs.

Brigid’s Path recently collaborated with Entriq Solutions to ensure their new facility took advantage of energy efficiency in the building design. Over the course of the renovation process, Entriq Solutions worked with the architectural design team to suggest sensible modifications and alternatives that resulted in lower energy costs, ultimately reducing annual energy expenses by 24%! Another value-add of the renovation process was the higher quality equipment that promises fewer failures and lower operational costs.

But the benefits didn’t stop there. By using less energy, Brigid’s Path helped the local utility company avoid the costs of having to build future power plants. In return, Brigid’s Path was rewarded with thousands of dollars in utility rebates to help offset the installation costs of the new facility. All of these savings are funds that Brigid’s Path now dedicates to their core mission: providing care to the newborns they serve.

Check out Brigid's Path Executive Director, Jill Kingston, talk about the experience in this video overview:

Entriq Solutions is proud to support Brigid's Path in their mission. To learn more, visit

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