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Clean Disruption!

The U.S. energy infrastructure: crisis or opportunity? The current political landscape is changing and no one is quite sure where it will end up. However, one thing is for certain: the train has left the station in making our world a more sustainable place.

Many Fortune 500 companies have seen the advantages of actively pursuing sustainable energy solutions. These companies are not driven to do so just by positive press but primarily by bottom line cash flow. They are pioneering technology for their own advantage, products that minimize costs with new benefits. Technologies such as LED lighting, solar, high efficiency HVAC systems, smarter controls to name a few. The way we produce and use energy is on the verge of a new day.

Check out the video by Tony Seba for a look into the world of tomorrow.

We at Entriq Solutions are diligent at staying abreast of these changes. We are ready to leverage this knowledge to act as your partner in improving your company.

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