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The Entriq Solutions Process

Entriq Solutions eliminates facility headaches, improves your building, and creates a new financial resource. Our comprehensive team performs every aspect of the process from beginning to end, leaving you to enjoy the results and to focus on what you do best.

Core Services

Our strategically tailored solutions and quality products guarantee peace of mind for the life of the project and beyond.

Energy Assessments

The Entriq team of experienced energy professionals have made careers of understanding the way buildings work. Our team will come on site to analyze your building's opportunities, suggest solutions, and explore financing avenues. Finally, we will educate and empower you to ensure you can make the best decision for your facility. In many areas, incentives are available to provide you with a detailed assessment for a reduced price or even at no charge.

Project Financing & Implementation

Some of the largest hurdles to energy efficiency are the lack of feasible financing avenues and the expertise to ensure all measures are completed correctly. Entriq Solutions will help you navigate your financial options, manage the construction process, and wrap all aspects of a successful project into a turn-key product greater than the sum of its parts. Efficiency made easy.


Lighting Retrofits

Lighting is perhaps one of the fastest changing technologies in your building. With hundreds of competing claims, it is often hard to determine which product offers the best value. The Entriq team will design the most long-term, cost effective lighting retrofit system for your building. Because around 40% of a typical building's electrical consumption is due to lighting, savings from this measure will drive much of the progress that can be made in an energy project as a whole.

Energy Procurement

Understanding exactly how you are billed for utilities is a field of extpertise unto itself with many variables to consider. Entriq Solutions distills down to the fundamentals and allows you to make informed decisions on how you buy your energy. Our team utilizes a reverse-auction process to ensure you get the right energy supplier at the best price.


Building Automation

Building Automation Systems (BAS) are some of the most complex elements in a facility. They require understanding and expertise to allow all the system's various components to work together successfully with facility operators. The Entriq team is experienced at upgrading existing systems to optimize their ease of use and functionality, allowing the BAS to drive maximum energy cost savings.

HVAC and Facility Upgrades

Significant energy savings can be achieved with equipment and building-envelope upgrades. Often, supporting systems like compressed air, boiler, and chiller plants have opportunities to optimize performance. Our team of Certified Energy Managers will help you assess your range of options and recommend trusted solutions.

Alternative Energy Generation

As technology has evolved, it is now cost-effective for many owners to generate a portion of a facility's energy on site. Solar electric, solar thermal, or gas co-generation can be a smart way to control a portion of your building's energy costs while seeing a return on your investment. Entriq will size your generation system, maximize your tax credits and incentives, and provide turn-key implementation. It's never been such a good decision to start your facilities on the path to energy independence. Ah, freedom!

Rebates, Incentives, & Tax Strategy

As communities, states, and the nation push towards a more energy efficient future, numerous incentives are now available. This financial assistance is designed to encourage facility owners to pursue energy efficiency and remain competitive. These incentives are multiform and ever-changing. Entriq's team will pursue these on your behalf, allowing you to effortlessly maximize the financial benefit of your project.

What are the opportunities at your facility?

We are here to help you find out. Contact us to set up your facility assessment.

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