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Energy Efficiency Keeps Midwest Competitive

If you leaf through the history of industry in the 1800’s Midwest you’ll find countless stories of a vibrant industrial sector creating wondrous marvels at a competitive price. What drove this atmosphere for technological revolution and amazing production? Some simple answers come to mind: a focus on applied education, the infrastructure to transport goods, and abundant low-cost energy.

From the abundant natural gas fields of the Midwest that gave rise to companies like Ball (canning jars) to steel production resulting from the oil boom in Pennsylvania, low energy costs allowed inventors and business owners to bring their product to the world at a competitive price.

Today, as we push the bounds of the energy available, our utilities must collect the revenue needed to increase the grid capacity. We are faced with two options: build new power generation or become more efficient with the capacity we have. Economically, there is a right answer: efficiency programs in the Midwest have shown to free up capacity at around 1/3 the cost of building new generation capacity. Additionally, efficiency is not only faster to implement than building a new electric plant, but also limits pollutants and keeps our energy prices lower both in the short and long term.

Entriq Solutions is proud to help our customers become more energy efficient and reduce their costs, because by doing so our customers also assure our communities stay competitive in the future.

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