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Energy Star and Your Building


Have you heard of Energy Star? By this point, the majority of Americans know and recognize the blue Energy Star logo like a regular consumer brand such as Kraft or Adidas. It is splattered throughout the appliance and electronic worlds, but also in building materials, lighting, and HVAC equipment. Energy Star has come to be a sign of quality and efficiency that many consumers consider when making a purchase.

So, how can this same mindset be used to enhance your building?

Becoming Energy Star certified is a great way to publicize your building and ownership as a forward thinking, environmentally conscious, and fiscally sound group. As the millennial generation has become the largest group in the workforce, it is important to relate to their strong desire for social responsibility in the companies they do business with. Doing so helps attract and retain customers as well as employees. Additionally, studies have shown that Energy Star certified buildings have lower operating cost, higher marketability, and higher rental rates than those that aren’t certified.

With all of these great benefits, why not start your certification today? Call Entriq Solutions and we can help.

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