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Why Vendor Neutrality is Important

Ever feel like the sales representative you're talking to doesn't really have your best interest at heart: more like they are just trying to find a way to convince you that you need their brand of widget? But then again maybe they are making the correct suggestion. How do you know?

We've all been there. Although that lack of customer-care has always been a problem with some company cultures, the Entriq Solutions team has found that one of the biggest root causes is a lack of vendor neutrality. That is, the sales rep you're talking is incentivized to recommend their product alone, even if their competitor's product might actually better fit your needs.

Entriq Solutions was founded on the idea that your trusted facility advisor shouldn't be trying to get you to rip out your current systems and replace it with one they are tied to. That's why Entriq is independently owned and vendor neutral . When we help you analyze your facility, we have the expertise to work with the facility as it is: to optimize or upgrade an existing system rather than fully replacing it. Entriq will even work with your existing service provider to ensure your system upgrade is completed correctly and cost-effectively.

Bottom line? Vendor neutrality allows Entriq to focus on what is truly in your best interest, allowing you to achieve maximum cost savings at the best value.

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