Building owners have a lot to think about. Although it is ordinarily the highest expense after payroll and benefits, targeting energy costs is often not a priority. Though decreasing your energy consumption can be a difficult process to navigate alone, Entriq will help you make sense of your energy options and control your costs.


Our team of experienced energy professionals have made careers of understanding the way buildings work. Our knowledge of the fundamentals of efficiency allow us to combine the endless components of a complex energy upgrade into one successful project.


If you haven’t see it already, take a trip to the corner of 5th and St. Clair in downtown Dayton. What was once a dimly lit, somewhat intimidating parking garage is now a bright and welcoming area for any visitor.  The Transportation Center Garage i...

Dayton nonprofit, Brigid's Path, is saving 24% on their annual energy costs thanks to an energy efficient building design!

Sustainability isn't just good marketing or hippie nonsense, it's plain good business sense. In fact, our history as a nation and as a species is driving us towards a more sustainable economy.

There are many facets to successfully managing a large facility. Facility owners and representatives are often kept busy with assuring the building supports the core mission of the occupants to minimize tenant vacancies; assuring health/safety/emerge...

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